The game is cancelled

I messed up. I ruined everything. I deleted the entire world by mistake and that includes all enemy placements, items, save points, camera boundaries, and map triggers. It is all gone. I can’t get it back. This is embarrassing to have to say this. The game would’ve been out by the end of April. I was getting close. So close. I keep a list of all the things I have left to do and it only had 12 things left. I was breezing through some of them this past weekend when I got back from vacation. It was almost done.

I just can’t remake all of it. That was 3 areas worth of stuff. So the game won’t come out.

I will probably be releasing alot of my assets. Not that anyone would probably want them but if you do keep an eye out. I will post on my Twitter when I do. I will also tweet about my next project when it is ready to be announced but other than that, I can’t imagine I will use this account for much else.

Thank you to those who actually cared for this project. Seeing people following me for my game made me extremely happy. Just having people care about something I am creating is amazing. But I guess I have to learn from this. And I will. These last (almost) 9 months have taught me so much about making games and I’m glad I tried. To be honest, Planet Cross probably isn’t a good game. But bad games are the easiest to learn from. So I’m excited to make something that I can show to the world and say with 100% certainty “You will be able to play this” and have people enjoy it. So again, thank you for being interested in my little game. I hope you watch for my future projects. If not, thanks still for watching this one.


How games can change

I felt it would be cool to talk about where this project came from. To be completely honest, I’ve worked on the game since August last year, but the game has only been what it is now since mid October. It was very very VERY different early on. And that’s normal for games. Star Fox Adventures was its own IP before it became a Star Fox game. So prepare for my awful ideas that show self criticism is important when creating anything.

So what was Planet Cross originally? Galaxy Cats. A platformer that used gravity flipping mechanics (Yeah, original. I know.) The idea was that it was a story driven Platformer RPG about a galaxy where dogs and cats live together without humans. The character you play as would be a leader of a gang. And he looked like this



But I did eventually change him to something less painful to look at. I mean, now he’s kinda cute!



I added in a ton of stuff without alot of planning then started to make the opening level. A city. I started off with backgrounds and immediately realized I was biting off more than I could chew. I wanted super detailed backgrounds and parallax and all the pixel art you’d see in a well made game, but I just didn’t have the experience to do it. I started to think about my scope and how I could make a more enjoyable game that was realistic with my abilities.

I decided to make a game focused on items. It would be kind of like portal in the sense that it had test rooms with puzzles. I had plans for the gravity flipping mechanic to make a return. I had magnets that acted similar to the ones in the Zelda Oracle games. There was an anvil that you used to do a ground pound attack. Just wacky items. The game would be more comedic. I couldn’t implement the items though. Looking back, I feel I could’ve but I was so burnt out I didn’t think it was worth it.

I wanted to give up. But I had a decent Unity platformer engine on my hands and I didn’t want to waste so much work! . I had so many things implemented. there had to be a good game I could make out of it.

I thought of making a game set in modern day earth and called it Spirit Story! I didn’t do much with this. And for what ever reason I just didn’t feel like DOING anything with it. I took a short break to learn about game development. To relax and recollect myself. I came back to my game and thought what would be better. Well, what if I made a Metroidvania? And here we are! Looking back, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned and how much this has changed so quickly. I can do so much I couldn’t before. Through all of these versions, I now know much more about game development, code, Unity, and even pixel art!

I have a big addition coming up on Thursday so don’t forget to visit the site again to see it! I feel it will make exploring much less tedious.