Some Meta Stuff

So daily updates isn’t going to work. School and life has other plans. So instead I’ll be updating weekly. This way I can get more info in with each update. I’m planning on uploading Dev Logs each Thursday. I feel like this will be better off. I may still have side stuff on random days but the actual Dev Logs will be weekly.


Planet Cross Dev Log: 9/1/16


Welcome to the first devlog of Planet Cross!

But…. what is Planet Cross?

Planet Cross is a free Sci-Fi Metroidvania game that I’ve been developing over the past 5 months. It is heavily inspired by games like Super Metroid and Cave Story.

You explore the depths of an uncharted planet fighting monsters and collecting weapons in order to find a power source for your ship and head home.

I will document the creation of my game on this blog and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing it evolve!