Planet Cross Dev Log: 12/1/16 :Thunder! Thunder!

I decided to revamp the thunder animation.


Still not 100% certain on it but it’s better. I’m currently trying to figure out a bug that makes it shoot above the player’s head but a think it’s something good to start off the week with.



Planet Cross Dev Log: 9/1/16 : What have I done so far?

Since I’m already into development a bit, I’ve decided to show the major things I’ve implemented. So here we gowalkshootrun

Running, Shooting, Jumping


Switching Weapons (Currently Rockets, Sticky Bombs, and Thunder Beam are implemented. A physical attack is planned)




Mini Map!

And those are the biggest things. There are smaller things, but I’ll get to showing those over time. Now this is what I’m working on before I get to map building:

  • Improving player controller
  • Fixing sticky bombs. They stick a little bit next to the object.
  • Adding a physical attack
  • Screen Manager (To deal with sections of the world)
  • Improving some graphics (The thunder beam could use some work)
  • Saving/Loading (Though this may come after building the world)

That’s all for today!

Planet Cross Dev Log: 9/1/16


Welcome to the first devlog of Planet Cross!

But…. what is Planet Cross?

Planet Cross is a free Sci-Fi Metroidvania game that I’ve been developing over the past 5 months. It is heavily inspired by games like Super Metroid and Cave Story.

You explore the depths of an uncharted planet fighting monsters and collecting weapons in order to find a power source for your ship and head home.

I will document the creation of my gameĀ on this blog and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing it evolve!