Planet Cross Dev Log: 25/2/16 : GOOP


  • The Mantle is finished!
  • Removed Star Attack
  • Added some particals
  • Enemies!

While testing, I realized that the star attack is pretty useless. There isn’t any reason to use it over the other weapons. Plus it was a bit buggy. So that’s gone. Sticky Bombs are being moved the the mantle.

Onto the main event of this week, GOOPY! The first enemy! Okay, that probably won’t be the final name (if I give them final names) but woooo!


He jumps around and sludges back and forth looking for trouble.If you look you can see some particles! The player bullets and when goopy dies. Looks good!

I’ve also added Bateract!Or just the obligatory flying eye ball enemy. Or just eye bat. Again, probably won’t do names. This one is a simple enemy that soars back and forth through the air.


Apologies for no update last week. I was lazy and a bit burnt out and so I didn’t do much. But I’m ready to start working and making some baddies!

Reminder that I now have a Twitter where I update earlier and more frequently! Keep an eye on that!




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