Planet Cross Dev Log: 28/1/16 : That’s a warp!

Trying out video form.


So warping is a thing! Warp points are combined with save points. Though saving has not been implemented yet. You can warp to any prediscovered room that has one of these points inside of it.


It uses some code to set values then uses a room change function. The function can be seen in action when I change rooms. It basically disables the room you are in, enables the one you’re going to, fades the screen, then teleports you over there. Teleporting just sets the room and position then uses that function.

I also made sprites for the maximum ammo and health adder


You may have noticed the heart up in the GUI turned white. With each health boost, the heart changes its look a little!

I’ve also fixed player control a bit. There were issues with shooting up and down. There was a delay in changing back to left and right.

I need to get snowed in more often if I can get stuff done!


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