Planet Cross Dev Log: 21/1/16 Progress…

Already I’m liking this weekly thing more. So here is some of the progress I’ve made this week. Also I’m not too sure why the frame rate on the gifs are so bad. I’ll probably make these in video form so you can get a better look at the game.



A physical attack! Star Summon! Name will probably change. But this is attack that does lots of damage with the cost of leaving you vulnerable. You can’t move when using this attack. I’m not very happy with the sprite. That will change soon. Still, pretty neat.


Ammo Refills! Enemies can drop these. I suppose they are pretty self-explanatory.


An explosion! I think it looks great!

I’ve also developed a room changing script that I think will work well and be pretty flexible. Not really worth showing but it’s exciting! See you next week!


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