Planet Cross Dev Log: 28/1/16 : That’s a warp!

Trying out video form.


So warping is a thing! Warp points are combined with save points. Though saving has not been implemented yet. You can warp to any prediscovered room that has one of these points inside of it.


It uses some code to set values then uses a room change function. The function can be seen in action when I change rooms. It basically disables the room you are in, enables the one you’re going to, fades the screen, then teleports you over there. Teleporting just sets the room and position then uses that function.

I also made sprites for the maximum ammo and health adder


You may have noticed the heart up in the GUI turned white. With each health boost, the heart changes its look a little!

I’ve also fixed player control a bit. There were issues with shooting up and down. There was a delay in changing back to left and right.

I need to get snowed in more often if I can get stuff done!


How games can change

I felt it would be cool to talk about where this project came from. To be completely honest, I’ve worked on the game since August last year, but the game has only been what it is now since mid October. It was very very VERY different early on. And that’s normal for games. Star Fox Adventures was its own IP before it became a Star Fox game. So prepare for my awful ideas that show self criticism is important when creating anything.

So what was Planet Cross originally? Galaxy Cats. A platformer that used gravity flipping mechanics (Yeah, original. I know.) The idea was that it was a story driven Platformer RPG about a galaxy where dogs and cats live together without humans. The character you play as would be a leader of a gang. And he looked like this



But I did eventually change him to something less painful to look at. I mean, now he’s kinda cute!



I added in a ton of stuff without alot of planning then started to make the opening level. A city. I started off with backgrounds and immediately realized I was biting off more than I could chew. I wanted super detailed backgrounds and parallax and all the pixel art you’d see in a well made game, but I just didn’t have the experience to do it. I started to think about my scope and how I could make a more enjoyable game that was realistic with my abilities.

I decided to make a game focused on items. It would be kind of like portal in the sense that it had test rooms with puzzles. I had plans for the gravity flipping mechanic to make a return. I had magnets that acted similar to the ones in the Zelda Oracle games. There was an anvil that you used to do a ground pound attack. Just wacky items. The game would be more comedic. I couldn’t implement the items though. Looking back, I feel I could’ve but I was so burnt out I didn’t think it was worth it.

I wanted to give up. But I had a decent Unity platformer engine on my hands and I didn’t want to waste so much work! . I had so many things implemented. there had to be a good game I could make out of it.

I thought of making a game set in modern day earth and called it Spirit Story! I didn’t do much with this. And for what ever reason I just didn’t feel like DOING anything with it. I took a short break to learn about game development. To relax and recollect myself. I came back to my game and thought what would be better. Well, what if I made a Metroidvania? And here we are! Looking back, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned and how much this has changed so quickly. I can do so much I couldn’t before. Through all of these versions, I now know much more about game development, code, Unity, and even pixel art!

I have a big addition coming up on Thursday so don’t forget to visit the site again to see it! I feel it will make exploring much less tedious.




Planet Cross Dev Log: 21/1/16 Progress…

Already I’m liking this weekly thing more. So here is some of the progress I’ve made this week. Also I’m not too sure why the frame rate on the gifs are so bad. I’ll probably make these in video form so you can get a better look at the game.



A physical attack! Star Summon! Name will probably change. But this is attack that does lots of damage with the cost of leaving you vulnerable. You can’t move when using this attack. I’m not very happy with the sprite. That will change soon. Still, pretty neat.


Ammo Refills! Enemies can drop these. I suppose they are pretty self-explanatory.


An explosion! I think it looks great!

I’ve also developed a room changing script that I think will work well and be pretty flexible. Not really worth showing but it’s exciting! See you next week!

Some Meta Stuff

So daily updates isn’t going to work. School and life has other plans. So instead I’ll be updating weekly. This way I can get more info in with each update. I’m planning on uploading Dev Logs each Thursday. I feel like this will be better off. I may still have side stuff on random days but the actual Dev Logs will be weekly.

Planet Cross Dev Log: 9/1/16 : What have I done so far?

Since I’m already into development a bit, I’ve decided to show the major things I’ve implemented. So here we gowalkshootrun

Running, Shooting, Jumping


Switching Weapons (Currently Rockets, Sticky Bombs, and Thunder Beam are implemented. A physical attack is planned)




Mini Map!

And those are the biggest things. There are smaller things, but I’ll get to showing those over time. Now this is what I’m working on before I get to map building:

  • Improving player controller
  • Fixing sticky bombs. They stick a little bit next to the object.
  • Adding a physical attack
  • Screen Manager (To deal with sections of the world)
  • Improving some graphics (The thunder beam could use some work)
  • Saving/Loading (Though this may come after building the world)

That’s all for today!